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Guide for Admin Users

This article covers how to set up your Mangomint account as an Admin user. Admin users usually include business owners and managers who are responsible for setting up and managing their Mangomint account.

This article covers:

Demo mode

When you first sign up for a Mangomint account, your account is in Demo mode. Demo mode adds sample data to your account so you can try out Mangomint’s features in a test environment. A Demo label is added next to any sample data.

When you're ready, you can turn off Demo mode from the Get Started page in your account. Turning Demo mode off does not automatically begin a paid subscription.

When Demo mode is turned off:

  • Data with a Demo label is deleted.

  • Appointments are deleted. It is important to turn off Demo mode before transferring any appointments from a previous booking software into Mangomint.

  • Form templates are disabled and form submissions are deleted.

If you add the following new information to Mangomint in Demo mode, the information will remain in the system after Demo mode is turned off:

  • Business Setup information

  • Cancellation Policy

  • Clients

  • Products

  • Services

  • Staff Members

NoteDemo mode must be turned off before you can sign up for a Mangomint Pay account.

Get Started page

Use the Get Started page in Mangomint to help you set up your account. The Get Started page includes helpful links, a list of tasks to try in Mangomint, and a Setup Guide to help you get up and running.

Mangomint 101 webinar

Learn the basics of setting up your account and get your questions answered in our Mangomint 101 webinar. This webinar is a great resource for learning how to set up your account on your own. An on-demand Mangomint 101 webinar recording is also available.

Helpful articles for setting up your account

Here’s a list of articles that can help you set up your account:

Onboarding session

Your onboarding session is a 30-minute call (with screen share) where one of our Onboarding Managers will discuss the following with you:

  • Data import and transition from your previous booking software

  • Processing sales using Mangomint

  • Any questions you have about Mangomint or the onboarding process

Importing your data

If you are transferring to Mangomint from a previous booking software, our team is happy to import your data.

For most booking systems, we can import the following:

  • Clients (including contact details): It takes about 24 hours for our engineers to import your clients once we receive all your client information.

  • Products, inventory, and gift cards: We will import your products, inventory, and gift cards a few days before your launch date to ensure you have more accurate stock levels and gift card balances.

Depending on your previous booking software, we may or may not be able to import client notes, formulas, previous sales, and previous appointments. Your Onboarding Manager will discuss this with you during your onboarding session.

Deciding on a launch date

Your launch date is the date you will start to use Mangomint as your day-to-day software and turn off your previous booking software (if you have one). Picking a launch date will help you determine which future appointments from your previous booking software you will need to transfer into Mangomint. You only need to transfer future appointments from your launch date onward into Mangomint.

Transferring future appointments

If you are transferring to Mangomint from a previous booking software, you will need to manually transfer future appointments (only from your launch date onward) into Mangomint.

  • If you are importing your client list into Mangomint, please wait until we have finished importing clients before transferring appointments.

  • During the transfer process, keep the appointments in both your previous software and Mangomint up to date. Any change to a future appointment (such as rescheduling or cancellation) should be made in both systems.

Before transferring future appointments, disable your automated messages in Mangomint so that your clients don’t receive notifications as you work through the transfer process.

Learn more about creating appointments.

Starting your subscription

Visit our website to compare Mangomint plans and find the plan that works for you.

Learn more about managing your Mangomint subscription.

Once you’ve set up your account, learn the Mangomint basics, including how to create and check out appointments.

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