How to Take In-Person Payments

In this article, you will learn how to check out a sale using the Front Desk Display.

To learn how to set up this feature, go to: How to Set Up your Front Desk Display

  • On the computer's Checkout Payments screen, select the Front Desk button to trigger the payment.

  • On the Front Desk Display, the client will see their total and will insert, swipe, or tap their credit card using the card reader.

  • Once authorized, the card reader will beep and the client can remove their credit card.

  • The client will then select their desired tip percentage or enter a custom tip amount.

  • After the payment is approved, the client will provide their signature.

  • Next, the client will choose how to receive their receipt.

  • Once done, the sale will be automatically marked as completed within Mangomint.

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