Card Reader Troubleshooting Guide

This article outlines best practices for troubleshooting issues with your card reader.

Note: U.S. based card readers have a power button on their side, Canada based card readers have a power button key on their front.

If none of the error codes above apply, please try these troubleshooting fixes:

Bluetooth Connection

Check to make sure your card reader is connected by going to Gear Icon > Card Readers on the iPad.


Card readers may disconnect if not connected to power. Make sure your card reader is plugged in and connected to power. Once charging, you will see flashing lights that indicate charging status. You can also check your card reader's battery level by going to Gear Icon > Card Readers, then selecting the connected reader.

WiFi Connection

Check that your WiFi connection is strong on your connected iPad, and that your BlueTooth and Location Services are turned on in your iPad’s settings.

Hard Restart

Turn your card reader off by removing it from the dock and holding down the power button, restart the card reader by pressing the power button once more. 

Restart your iPad by first powering it down by holding down its power button, and turning it on again by pressing the power button once more. Once both devices are on, reconnect your card reader. (Gear Icon > Card Reader) 

Bluetooth Restart

Reset your Bluetooth connection with your card reader by visiting Gear Icon > Card Reader, selecting your connected card reader, and clicking Forget This Card Reader, then, reconnect your card reader by selecting Connect A Card Reader

If you are still experiencing an error after following these troubleshooting steps, please reach out to our team via chat support.

For issues with your Front Desk Display, please refer to: Front Desk Display Troubleshooting Guide

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