Start a New Membership for a Client

In order to start a client’s membership, you must first create a membership plan. To learn how to set up a membership plan see: Set Up a Membership Plan

You can start a client membership from the Memberships screen.

  • Use the New Membership button

After selecting the Client's Name and the Membership Plan, you will need to complete all the other settings:

Start Date

Now: The client will be charged immediately and if successful, the membership will become active. All the services and discounts included as part of the membership can be redeemed.

First billing date is after start date (Advanced Options): Choose this option if you would like a client’s memberships to be active immediately, but you don’t want to charge them right away. This setting is particularly helpful if you are importing a client's membership from an existing system. To learn more, visit: How do I transfer memberships from my old booking system?

Note: All products and services discounts will be active but services included in the membership plan will not be redeemable until a payment has been processed.

In the future: You can use this option if you want to schedule the membership to start on a future date. Note: The membership is not active yet and none of the benefits can be redeemed.

Payment Options


A credit card saved on the client's profile will be automatically charged whenever the membership renews.

Please note:
You will need to have a Mangomint Pay account set up for this.

Use a card on file: Choose this option if you want to use an existing credit card on file or if you want to enter a new credit card manually. Note: If the client has multiple cards-on-file, please select from the dropdown menu.

Request a credit card from client via email: The system will send an email requesting clients to provide their credit card details using a secure link. At this point, the membership status will be marked as "Credit card needed". If the client does not complete this step in 24 hours, the membership will be marked as “Past Due”.

This is a great way to offer a fully contactless payment experience for your clients.

Please note:
Until the client has entered their credit card information and the payment has been successful, the membership will not be active.

Manual: Choose this option if you want to allow the client to pay manually every time the membership renews. For example, the client may want to pay by cash, check or Venmo. Once a client's membership is due, a sale will be made automatically and you will need to manually close it to keep this membership active. Note: Until the payment has been successful, no membership services or discounts will be redeemable.

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