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Creating Products

Products can be viewed and managed on the Products screen. To view and manage products, you must be an Admin user, or you must have the Can manage products permission enabled in Staff Member settings.

NoteIf you are new to Mangomint and are transferring from a previous booking system, our team is happy to do a free product import. Please reach out to your Onboarding Manager for more information.

Creating product categories

To create a product, you must first create the product category.

To create a product category, go to the Products screen and select Options. Select Manage Categories.

Select Add Category and enter the category name.

The Non-retail products toggle allows you to easily track your backbar/professional-use items. If you enable the Non-retail products toggle, the products in this category will not be available during checkout, unless the staff member has the Can sell non-retail products permission enabled in Staff Member settings.

Editing or deleting product categories

To edit or delete a category, select Options on the Products screen. Select Manage Categories and choose the category to edit or delete. Categories can only be deleted once all products in the category have been deleted or moved to other categories.

Creating products

On the Products screen, select Add Product. Enter the product details and select Create Product.

Required product details:

  • Name

  • Category

Optional product details:

  • Brand name

  • Unit price

  • Charge tax: Enable this toggle to charge sales tax on products.

  • Purchase cost

  • Supplier

  • Track inventory: Enable this toggle to track product inventory. Your inventory will automatically update as you sell products during checkout.

  • Desired quantity on hand

  • SKU

  • Barcode

  • Description

  • Owner staff

  • Calculate commission for sales: Enable this toggle if staff members should receive product commission.

  • Assign staff to sale: This toggle is automatically enabled if Calculate commission for sales is enabled. This allows the staff member who sold the product to be selected during checkout. This setting is helpful for reporting purposes and tracking product sales, even if commission is disabled.

  • Consider as sales revenue in reports: Enable this toggle to consider sales of the product as revenue in reports. Disable this toggle if the product is for backbar or professional use.

  • Automatically add to all new sales

To delete a product, select Delete from the "..." menu.

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