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How can I track services sold through Groupon or other online promotions?

Services sold through Groupon or other promotional websites have usually already been paid for by the client. To track and redeem these services in Mangomint, follow the steps below.

Create a Groupon service

To create a Groupon service, go to Settings > Services and add a new Groupon service category with all the services in your Groupon promotion.

When creating each service, add the Groupon pricing and the duration of the service.

Under Additional options, you can add a pre-commission deduction to deduct any Groupon fees before calculating commission for your staff members.

After creating each Groupon service, assign the services to staff members.

Create a Groupon payment button

To track your Groupon sales, go to Settings > Payments & Checkout > Advanced Settings > Custom Payment Methods and add a Groupon payment button.

Check out a Groupon service

To check out a Groupon service, start the checkout as you normally would. On the Payments screen, ask the client if they would like to leave a tip.

If the client does not want to tip, use the Groupon payment button to close the sale.

If the client does want to tip, select the tip percentage or enter a custom tip amount. Since the Groupon service has already been paid for, you only need to collect payment for the tip amount. To do this, enter the amount for the Groupon service as the Amount to charge and select the Groupon payment button.

Add any reference notes, if needed. Select Add to complete the Groupon payment.

Once the Groupon payment is complete, select another payment method for the remaining balance (tip amount) to complete the sale.

When you run payroll for your staff members, their commission should be based on the dollar amount paid by the client minus any pre-commission deductions.

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