How can I track services sold in Groupon or other online promotions?

Promos sold through Groupon or other online promotional sites have typically already been paid for. Since you'll likely want to track these services in Mangomint, follow the steps below to add them in your service list, and to check out when a client redeems the service.

How to add the Groupon service

Step 1: Add the service

  • Go to Settings > Services.

  • Add a new Groupon service category and all of the services available in your Groupon promo.

  • When creating the services, add the Groupon pricing as well as the duration of the service.

Optional: Under Additional Options, you can add a Pre-Commission deduction if you would like to deduct any Groupon fees before calculating the commission for your staff members.

  • Assign the service to the staff members performing it.

  • Enable the service for online booking and add any additional description.

  • Optional: Since this service has already been purchased and paid for, you can also disable "Require a credit card on file".

Step 2: Add a new payment button

To easily track your Groupon sales, you will need to create a new payment button.

To do this, go to: Settings > Payments & Checkout

  • Under Advanced Settings > Custom Payment methods, add Groupon.

How to check out

  • Start the checkout as you normally would.

  • Once you get to the payment screen, ask the client if they would like to leave any tip/gratuity.

No tip/gratuity

If the client does not want to leave any tip, use the Groupon button to close the sale.

With tip/gratuity

If the client wants to tip, select the percentage rate or type in a custom amount.

Since the Groupon service has been paid for already, we will need to split the payments.

  • On Amount to Charge, type in the value of the Groupon service.

  • Use the Groupon button to apply this payment.

  • Add any Groupon information, if you prefer.

  • Select the method of payment for the remaining balance.

  • Once done, you should see the two payments applied to the sale

Running payroll for your staff members

When you run payroll for your staff members, their commission should be based on the dollar amount paid by the client minus precommission deduction, if any.

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