Completing a Test Transaction Using Your Card Reader

To ensure your card reader is set up correctly and you are ready to accept payments from clients, you can complete a test transaction.

Note: Learn more about connecting your card reader to a Front Desk Display or directly to an iPhone or iPad.

Step 1: Complete a $1 transaction using your card reader

Go to the Sales screen and select New Checkout.

Add a service to the checkout and change the price to $1. Learn more about applying a discount during checkout.

Select Go To Payments and select the Card Reader or Front Desk payment method.

Complete the transaction using a credit card. Once the transaction is complete, the sale is marked as completed in Mangomint.

Step 2: Refund the $1 transaction

There are two important steps when completing refunds. The first step is to refund the payment, which returns the funds to the client. The second step is to update the sale, which ensures you have accurate reports.

Learn how to complete refunds.

Once you have successfully completed a test transaction using your card reader, you are ready to accept card reader payments from clients. If you need additional assistance, use the chat bubble in Mangomint to contact us.

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