Navigating and Filtering the Sales Page

The Sales Page has all closed and open sales. You can find the sales list with your payment transactions, including the sale number, status, transaction date, client name and total processed. The date noted in the list determines what date is used in all of the reports. You can also make adjustments to closed sales on this screen.

Filtering the Sales List

The sales list can be filtered by:

  • Status - Open, Voided, or Closed

  • Date

  • Location, if applicable

  • Sale #

  • Payment Method

  • Payment Processor

  • Payment Channel

To search for sales transactions and filter the sales list:

  • Tap on Options in the top right corner.

  • Type the sale number or adjust the filter as needed. Tap on Apply.

To reset the sales list to default:

  • Tap on Options and Reset to default filters.

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