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Marketing Credits

To send or schedule a marketing email, you must have enough marketing credits.

If you don’t have enough marketing credits to send or schedule an email, you will have two options in the Review & Send tab if you are the billing user for your account:

  • Buy more credits: This option allows you to buy more marketing credits so you can send or schedule your email.

  • Set up auto-refill: This option allows you to automatically buy marketing credits when your balance is low. This helps ensure you never run out of credits.

If you are the billing user for your account, you can also manage your marketing credits on your Subscription page, including:

  • View your current balance of marketing credits

  • Buy additional marketing credits

  • Manage auto-refill settings

Marketing credit pricing

  • Each marketing credit costs 1¢.

  • Marketing credits must be purchased in increments of 5,000 credits. For example, you can buy 5,000 marketing credits for $50.

  • Each client on the recipient list requires 1 marketing credit. For example, you can use 200 credits to send an email to 200 clients.

  • Marketing credits never expire once they are purchased. The credits remain in your account until they are used.

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