Collecting Waivers From Your Clients

To collect a waiver from your clients, add the link for the template to your automated messages.

Collecting waivers from your clients

After setting up your waiver in WaiverForever, you can add the template link to the email and text notifications that your clients receive by going to Settings > Automated Messages.

Select the gear icon next to the message and select Customize.

Once you've saved your changes, your template link will be included in your automated messages.

Once clients fill out the waiver, the PDF is automatically added to the client timeline.

Note: It’s important that clients use the email address or phone number that’s on file in Mangomint to successfully sync.

Finding the WaiverForever template link

In WaiverForever, go to the Waiver Templates screen and select the waiver you want to share.

Copy and send the link to us so we can help you update your automated messages.

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