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Saving Progress on a Form

Staff members can save their progress on a form and submit the form at a later time. This allows a staff member to work on a form over time instead of having to fill out and submit the form in one sitting.

For example, a staff member can:

  1. Begin filling out a form (such as SOAP notes) at the beginning of the appointment.

  2. Save and close the form.

  3. Finish and submit the form after the appointment.

This feature also allows multiple staff members to work on the same form for increased collaboration.

Saving progress on a form

To save progress on a form, select Save Progress & Close from the "..." menu.

NoteIf the form has a Signature field and a signature is added, the signature will not be saved. This is to avoid the form being edited after it has been signed. To save the signature, submit the form instead of saving it.

Once the form is saved, it will show the last time it was modified.

On the Form Submissions screen, the form will have a status of In Progress until it is submitted.

If you need to discard progress on a form, select Discard Form from the "..." menu. This will reset the form by deleting all saved changes.

Once the form is submitted, learn how you can view the form submission.

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