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Enable Services for Online Booking

To enable a service for online booking, go to Settings > Services and select a service.

Go to the Online Booking tab and select Edit.

Enable the Available in online booking toggle. You can also enter a service description that will be visible in online booking. Select Save.

Additional online booking settings

Show price as minimum price (e.g. $100+): This setting is for services such as hair extensions or color corrections that have no set price upfront (you can only provide a minimum price).

Show prompt-to-call: When this toggle is enabled, clients can see the service in online booking but cannot book the service. This is useful for services that require customization or explanation, or services that vary in duration or price. You can enter a Prompt-to-call explanation to let clients know that they must call to book. You can also provide links in the Prompt-to-call explanation such as a link to an external form.

Require home address (for in-home services): If your business offers in-home services, you can enable this toggle to collect the client's home address.

Require a credit card: Enable this toggle to collect credit card information to keep on file for deposits or to charge cancellation fees for late cancellations or no-shows. To require a credit card, you must have an integrated payment account.

Require payment at the time of booking: This setting requires clients to enter their credit card information and pay for the service at the time of booking. You can select either Full payment or Partial deposit.

  • Full payment: The full service price will be charged during online booking.

  • Partial deposit: A fixed amount or percentage of the service price will be charged during online booking.

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