Enable Services for Online Booking

To enable or disable a service for online booking first go to Settings (Gear Icon)  >  Services

  • Select a service

  • Go to the Online Booking tab and select Edit

  • Toggle on “Available in online booking” to enable/disable

  • Enter a description for the service that will be visible in online booking

  • Adjust additional settings or hit Save

Additional Settings for Services in Online Booking

Show price as minimum: This setting is meant for services like hair extensions, or color corrections, where there is no set price upfront and you can only provide a minimum price.

Show prompt to call: With this setting enabled, clients will be able to see the service in online booking but will not be able to book the service. It allows you to set up a “Prompt to Call” message letting people know that they must call to book. This is useful for services that require a lot of customizations or explanation, or varying durations/prices based on those customizations.

Require home address (for in-home services): If your business offers in-home services you can enable this setting to collect the client's home address.

Require a Credit Card on File: Enable this setting to collect credit card information to keep on file for the purposes of deposits or charging cancellation fees for late cancellations or “no-shows".

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