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FAQ: Payroll Processing

How much does Payroll Processing cost?

Payroll Processing is available as an add-on for all Mangomint subscriptions and costs $50/month + $8/month per worker.

If you use multiple payroll accounts, each payroll account signed up for Payroll Processing costs $50/month + $8/month per worker.

Payroll Processing includes unlimited payroll runs. There is no additional cost to run payroll multiple times a month. This includes regular payroll runs and off-cycle payroll runs.

Which pay schedules are supported?

We support weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly pay schedules.

Which compensation methods are supported?

We support hourly, commission (service and products), and salary compensation methods.

We also support greater-of compensation which allows you to pay a worker either their hourly rate or commission, whichever is greater.

Can my workers get paid via direct deposit?

Yes. The schedule for direct deposit is four business days. This means you can run payroll four days before your pay date (before the 8 pm PST / 11 pm EST cut-off time) and your workers will receive their pay on time. If you’d like to apply for a two-day schedule for direct deposit, please reach out to chat support.

Can my workers distribute their direct deposit payments between multiple bank accounts?

Yes. Workers can split their direct deposit payments between up to 3 bank accounts. Direct deposit payments can be split based on a percentage (%) or fixed dollar amount ($).

When workers complete their email invitation to sign up for Payroll Processing, they can enter the details for each bank account they want to use.

If you would like to update a worker's direct deposit details on their behalf, go to Settings > Staff Members > Compensation > Access payroll setup. Select Edit next to Pay distributions.

Select Split pay and specify the details for each bank account to use.

Will my workers receive a paystub?

Yes. Workers can view their paystubs in their Mangomint account by selecting My Payroll from their profile menu.

Will Mangomint file all state and federal garnishments and tax filings for me?

We handle all calculations, payments, and filings for you. This includes both quarterly and end-of-year filings.

How do I set up benefit calculations and time off?

After signing up for Payroll Processing, you can set up benefit calculations and time off policies for your workers.

When adding benefit calculations, you can set up calculations for:

  • Retirement benefits such as a 401(k) or Roth 401(k)

  • Health benefits such as medical, dental, and vision insurance

When adding time off, you can set up policies for paid time off (PTO) and unpaid time off. Time off policies are useful for things like vacation or sick time.

To set up benefit calculations and time off policies, go to Settings > Business Setup > Payroll.

If you have one payroll account, select Account settings. If you have multiple payroll accounts, select Manage account > Account settings.

Select Edit next to Benefits or Time off.

After setting up benefits and time off, you can assign the policies to each staff member by going to Settings > Staff Members > Compensation > Access payroll setup.

The system will calculate the amount for each benefit so that it is subtracted from the worker’s net pay, but the amount will not be debited from the employer. As the employer, you must review all benefit calculations and send the funds to the appropriate agencies.

How do I run an off-cycle payroll?

If you need to run payroll for an off-cycle pay period, go to the Payroll screen and select Options > Run off-cycle payroll.

When running an off-cycle payroll, you can specify the details of the off-cycle payroll run, including the staff members and time period.

If you pay a worker through an off-cycle payroll and then run a regular payroll that includes the same dates, the worker will not be paid twice for those dates. The worker will only be paid for any dates that were not already paid through the off-cycle payroll.

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