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FAQ: Payroll Processing

What is payroll processing? How is this different from running payroll in my current system?

Payroll processing simply refers to managing payments for your employees and contractors. Mangomint’s payroll processing allows you to get rid of third-party payroll processors and handle all your payroll needs directly inside Mangomint. You’ll be able to simplify your payroll process, ensure your workers are paid on time and accurately, and reduce time spent on payroll.

Who is eligible for payroll processing?

For U.S. customers with a single location, book a call with our team to see if Payroll Processing is right for your business.

For customers with multiple locations or businesses located in Canada, fill out this form and our team will contact you with more information.

  • In late 2023, Payroll Processing will be available for businesses with multiple locations.

  • In early 2024, Payroll Processing will be available for businesses located in Canada.

Let us know now if you’d like to make the switch for 2024 and we’ll help you prepare.

What will this cost? Is it available on my subscription?

Payroll processing will be available as an add-on for all Mangomint subscriptions. It will cost $50/month + $8/month for each worker.

What information will I need to get started?

  • Employers will need the following information: Employer Identification Number (EIN), State Tax ID and State Tax Rate, bank account information for withdrawal, copy of payroll history (if you have processed payroll previously).

  • W-2 employees will need to: Complete a W-4 form and provide their bank account information if direct deposit is selected.

  • 1099 contractors will need to: Complete a 1099 form and provide their bank account information if direct deposit is selected.

How many times a month will I be able to run payroll?

You will have unlimited payroll runs including both regular and off-cycle payroll runs.

What payroll schedules will be supported?

We will support weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly schedules.

What types of compensation models will be supported?

We will support the following compensation models:

  • Hourly

  • Commission (Service & Products)

  • Salary

Can my employees get paid via direct deposit?

Yes. The schedule for direct deposit is two business days. This means if you run payroll on a Monday (before the 8 PM PST cut-off time), your employees will receive their pay on Wednesday.

Will my employees receive a paystub?

Yes, employees will be able to view digital paystubs from their own accounts.

Will Mangomint file all state and federal garnishments and tax filings for me? What forms will you file?

We will handle all calculations, payments, and filings for Mangomint customers. This includes both quarterly and end-of-year filings.

We will support the following tax forms:

  • Form W-2

  • Form 1099

  • Form 940

  • Form 941

  • State and local tax forms

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