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Navigating the Messages Screen

The Messages screen allows you to text clients from a desktop or mobile device, and it provides a complete history of all the messages the system sends to clients, including all automated text and email messages.

The Messages screen is available to all Mangomint customers and can be used even if your subscription does not include the Two-Way Texting add-on. If your subscription does not include the add-on, you can still view all client message history and send up to 5 free text messages per month. Your 5 free text messages are reset 30 days after you send your first free message.

Viewing conversations

The Messages screen gives service providers and front desk staff members a shared view of all conversations. For example, if one staff member sends a text message to a client, all other staff members can also see the text message that was sent if they have permission to view messages. Learn more about staff member permissions for messages.

You can view all Open and Closed conversations on the Messages screen. You can also view conversations from the client details or appointment details.

  • An Open conversation is an active conversation that may require a response from a staff member. If a client texts you or replies to an automated text message, the conversation will be marked as Open.

    • A message icon on the calendar and in the appointment details allows you to easily see which clients have an Open conversation. In the appointment details, the message icon will have an orange dot to indicate the Open conversation.

  • A Closed conversation is a conversation that does not require a response from a staff member.

A client’s conversation history includes all messages sent to the client, including all automated messages and marketing emails. The avatar next to a message reflects the sender.

You can see the exact date and time that a message was sent or received by hovering over the timestamp on a desktop computer.

When viewing a conversation for an existing client, the Details panel provides at-a-glance information about the client, including their previous and future appointments. You can open the client details by clicking the client's name.

Messages badge

The Messages tab will display a badge if there are any open conversations (the badge does not reflect read/unread messages or conversations). If there are more than 10 open conversations, the badge will display a dot instead of a number. The badge also syncs across all of your devices and staff members. For example, if one staff member closes a conversation, the conversation will also be closed for all other staff members.

Learn more about sending and receiving text messages.

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