Sending Emails to your Clients using Mailchimp

This article explains how to create email campaigns in Mailchimp.

To learn about our Mailchimp Integration in general, go to: Mailchimp Integration

  • In Mailchimp, click on the Create icon.

  • Select Email.

  • Enter your campaign name and click Begin.

  • Confirm that it has the correct audience.

Note: To learn more about how to sync your audience in Mangomint, go to: Setting up the Mailchimp Integration

  • After you’ve completed the ToFromSubject, and Content sections of the email builder, you should see a green checkmark next to each. That means your regular email is ready to schedule or send immediately.

  • If you're ready to send the email to your subscribers, click Send. Then, in the Review Your Campaign modal, click Send Now to confirm your send.

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