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Payment Account Basics

To view your payment account settings, go to Settings > Payments & Checkout > Payment Accounts.

Primary account

The primary payment account is the default payment account used to accept payments for the business. All card transactions will be processed using the primary Mangomint Pay payment account. Most companies only need one primary payment account to process payments.

Mangomint Pay allows you to accept all major credit cards with no monthly charges or hidden fees. Mangomint Pay is our integrated payment option for card payments, collecting cards on file, and additional features like Client Self Checkout. Learn how to sign up for Mangomint Pay.

Additional payment accounts

Additional payment accounts are used to automatically direct payments to a payment account owned by a staff member. This is helpful for businesses that do not handle payments for independent contractors or booth renters.

With this setup, staff members can have their own payment accounts and payment processors. Any checkout with the assigned staff member will automatically direct payment to that staff member's payment account.

Learn how to set up a payment account for a staff member.

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