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Calendar Colors & Icons

By default, the calendar shows the current day and all the staff scheduled to work that day.

  • A white background means the staff member is scheduled to work.

  • A light gray background means the staff member is not scheduled to work.

  • The red line marks the current time.

Appointment colors

  • Peach: Unconfirmed appointment

  • Blue: Confirmed appointment

  • Purple: Waiting appointment

  • Pink: In Service appointment

  • Dark Gray: Completed appointment

  • Faded and Crossed Out: Canceled appointment. Learn how to customize the type of canceled appointments displayed on the calendar.

  • Outlined: Buffer time

  • Semi-Transparent: Processing time

  • Dark Gray with Diagonal Stripes: Time block

Appointment icons

  • NEW: New client

  • Note: Appointment with notes. Includes appointment notes and comments entered via online booking.

  • Circle Arrows: Appointment or time block is repeating

  • Star: Client specifically requested this service provider

  • M: Client requested a male service provider

  • F: Client requested a female service provider

  • Ribbon: Client has a membership

  • Pen: Appointment has a client or staff member form that is not yet completed

  • Photo: Client uploaded photos via online booking or Express Booking™

  • Plus Sign: Service customization option was selected. Learn how to enable this icon.

  • Message Bubble: Client has an open conversation

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