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Booking System
On-Demand Services
All-included plan
$95/ month

up to 200 appointments

per additional
200 appointments
How it works

Our all-included plan gives you unlimited access to all the features. Your price depends on how many appointments per month you need.

See our FAQ

Drag the slider to determine which usage tier you need.

# of appointments
200/ month
Your price
$125/ month
No onboarding, setup or training fees. Cancel anytime.
  • Website Development & Maintenance

    Get your own custom-designed website with professional photography.

    / month
  • Managed Email Marketing

    Increase retention with thoughtful, strategic email campaigns.

    / month
  • Managed SMS Marketing

    Utilize the most personal way to reach your clients and drive demand.

    / month
  • Instagram Account Management

    Build your brand on Instagram with an experienced, dedicated manager.

    / month
  • Google Ads Marketing

    Bring in new clients through powerful and targeted Google Ads.

    / month

All the features you need for your salon and spa:

  • Scheduling
  • Online Booking
  • SMS/email confirmations
  • Point-of-Sale
  • Inventory management
  • Cash drawer support
  • iPhone/Android apps
  • Free data transfer
  • Full client timeline
  • Credit cards on-file
  • Package support
  • Payroll calculation
  • Powerful reporting
  • Multi-location capable
  • Personal support
  • Free onboarding

Frequently Asked Questions

How is an appointment defined?

An appointment is a single visit. Multiple services within an appointment are not counted. Deleted or cancelled appointments are also not counted.

What if I reach my appointment limit?

You'll still be able to book appointments. Your usage tier will automatically be upgraded and we'll send an email to let you know.

Are there any other fees?

Nope. Nada. Nyet. 🙂

Can I upgrade or downgrade my usage tier?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your usage tier any time.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel at any time for any reason. If cancelled during the billing cycle, we will refund the prorated amount.

Do you offer one-on-one demos?

Yes, we'd love to show you the platform in a personalized, guided demo. Schedule now.

Can I transfer data from my old system?

Yes, we will transfer clients, products, and gift cards from your current system for free.

What is the process to switch?

A dedicated onboarding specialist will work with you step by step to make the switch from the current system as easy as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is providing these services?

All services are provided by Mangomint Partners, who are experienced professionals that have been thoroughly trained and vetted by Mangomint.

Do I need to use the booking system?

No. All on-demand services are independent of the booking system.

Are there any contracts or commitments?

Most plans can be cancelled monthly at the end of the billing period. The "Website Development" plan requires a 12 month commitment.

Who is my point of contact?

A dedicated Customer Success Manager will be assigned to you and makes sure all your services are delivered to highest standards.

Where is the magic?

Sorry, no magic here 😉. You can get most of the services from other companies too, we just believe our on-demand platform makes it more effective, cheaper, and more convenient.

What if I'm not happy with the quality?

If you're unhappy with the quality, please let your Customer Success Manager know. We will work with you and find a new partner if necessary.