How to Take a Deposit Manually

This article shows you how to take a manual deposit for a scheduled appointment.

You can take a deposit by starting the checkout process on a client's appointment. This will create an open sale and will be closed once the appointment is completed.

Note: Deposits are not counted as revenue and are not included in any payroll or sales reports until the service is complete and the sale is closed.

How to take a deposit

  • Select the appointment on the Calendar Screen.

  • Use the "..." button and select Checkout.

  • Tap on Go to Payments.

  • Update the Amount to Charge to the deposit amount and select the payment type.

  • After a successful payment, the system will automatically calculate the balance. 

  • On the day of the appointment, check out the appointment as you normally would. To learn more on how to check out an appointment, go to: Check Out an Appointment

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