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Adding and Splitting Tips

This article covers how to add a tip to a sale and split tips between staff members. If you use a client-facing Front Desk Display, clients can select a tip on the Front Desk Display.

Adding a tip to a sale

To add a tip to a sale, select Go To Payments.

Select a tip percentage or enter a custom tip amount. Learn how to customize the tip percentages.

Complete the sale as you normally would.

Splitting tips between staff members

For sales with multiple staff members, Mangomint automatically splits the tip in proportion to the services each staff member performs (default split). For example, John performs a $50 haircut and Sara performs a $100 color. If the client leaves a $30 tip, $10 would go to John, and $20 would go to Sara.

Instead of using the default split, you can select custom split to enter a specific tip amount for each staff member.

Learn how to assign tips to assistants.

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