Adding & Splitting Tips

This article shows you how to add and split tips between staff members. To learn how to assign tips to an assistant, read: How do I assign tips to an assistant?

Adding Tips

Once a checkout has been started, use the Go to Payments button to access the Payments screen:

  • Add tip by selecting a tip percentage to automatically calculate tip, or add a tip amount.

Note: To learn how to customize the tip percentage rates as shown here, go to: Payments & Checkout Settings

  • Tap on the payment button (Cash, Gift Card, Credit Card, etc.) to close the sale.

Splitting Tips

When you have a sale with multiple staff members, Mangomint calculates the tip to be split in proportion to the services they performed. For example: John performed a $50 haircut. Sarah performed a $100 color. If the client leaves $30 tip, then $10 would go to John and $20 would go to Sarah.

Custom Split Amounts

To customize the tip between staff members, use the Custom Split button at the bottom of the checkout screen.

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