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Using Image Markup on a Form

Image Markup allows you to mark up client photos on forms using different annotation tools.

With Image Markup, you can:

  • Draw on an image to write notes or emphasize specific areas

  • Add shapes like arrows or rectangles to help identify any problem areas

  • Use comments on staff member forms to document important details such as units used for injectable services (med spa charting)

To learn more about Image Markup, check out the following on-demand webinars:

Image Markup is available on all forms, including client, staff member, and external forms.

  • On client forms, a client can add their own photo to the form and mark it up themselves before their appointment.

  • On staff member forms, a staff member can take the client’s photo on the day of the appointment and mark up the photo as needed.

Using Image Markup on a form

To use Image Markup on a form, create a form template and add the Image Markup field.

You can add as many Image Markup fields to the form as needed. This allows you to mark up multiple images on the same form.

Update the Image Markup field settings and select Save.

  • Prompt: This text appears directly above the image on the form. This text can be used on client forms to prompt clients to add an image to the form and mark it up before their appointment.

  • Enabled markup tools: Select the markup tools that should be available when marking up the image.

  • Template: Select this option to use a template image on the form. If you need a template image to use, we collected these template images (face and body) that you can download and use on your forms for free.

  • User provided: Select this option to add an image to the form when the form is filled out.

  • Require this field: Enable this toggle to require the image to be added/marked up.

Select the Preview tab to see what the form will look like when enabled.

Once the form template is enabled, select Mark up image on the form to mark up the image.

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