Client Self Checkout

The Self Checkout payment feature allows clients to complete the checkout process directly on their mobile devices.

Clients will be sent a text notification with a link to complete the payment, add tips, as well as view their receipts.

Self Checkout Process

  • Start the checkout as you normally would. Once you are on the Payments screen, select the Self Checkout button.

  • Confirm the client’s phone number on file or enter a new one to send the checkout link to.

  • After tapping the Send button, the Waiting for client payment status will appear.

Client View:

  • The client will receive an SMS message with a link to complete their payment.

  • On the payment screen, they can choose to tip a percentage or a custom amount before proceeding.

  • Any card-on-file saved for the client will be shown as a payment option. Otherwise, they will need to enter their credit card information.

  • Once the transaction is successful, clients will see a Payment successful message as well as a link to view their receipt.

  • The sale in Mangomint will be marked as Completed as well.

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