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To manage your business locations, including adding additional locations, go to Settings > Business Setup > Locations. Your business location details will be displayed in automated messages, online booking, and receipts.

Learn more about managing multiple locations on our webinars page.

The business information managed on this page includes:

  • Address

  • Contact email address

  • Contact phone

  • Service tax rate

  • Product tax rate

  • Time zone

If applicable, you'll need to set your tax rates to charge tax on products and services. Tax rates and requirements for products and services vary by state and city. You’ll need to follow the tax rates for your business location(s).

Adding additional locations

You can add a location to share some or all of your services, staff members, and gift cards. You will also have the option to run separate reports, set individual permissions, and more.

Learn more about locations and location pricing.

When adding a location, you can choose between a physical or virtual location.

  • Physical location (most common): A “real” location with a physical address.

  • Virtual location: Allows you to separate different business types at the same address (i.e. salon vs spa), or if you need a location without an address (i.e. virtual consultations, etc).

When entering a name for an additional location, keep in mind that the system will automatically include your business name in all notifications. For example, in the automated message below, Salon Azul is the business name, and Downtown Location is the location name.

After adding an additional location, enable services and staff members for the location. To enable services for the location, go to Settings > Services and select the service to enable. Select the Locations tab and enable the location. You can enter a different price if the service price is different for that location.

To enable staff members for the location, go to Settings > Staff Members and select the staff member to enable. Select the Locations tab and enable the location.

ImportantIf a staff member is only assigned to one location, and that location is deleted, the staff member will also be deleted.

When more than one location is enabled for online booking, clients can select their location of choice before choosing a service and staff member. Learn more about enabling online booking.

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