Signing up for Mangomint Pay

In this article, you will learn how to sign up for Mangomint Pay.

To get started, go to: Settings > Payments & Checkout

  • Select Manage Account on the payment account you are signing up for. To learn more about payment accounts, go to: Payment Accounts

  • Select Create an Account button.

  • This redirects you to a new page where you can start your application.

  • Once completed, hit Next. You should get a verification code sent to your phone number. Note: If you don't receive the code after a few minutes, use the Resend Code button.

  • Follow the steps in the sign-up process.

  • Important Things to Note:

    • The combination of your Legal Business Name and EIN must exactly match the one listed on your IRS documents

    • Industry: The most common industries are:

      • Personal Services > Health and Beauty Spas

      • Personal Services > Salons or Barbers

      • Personal Services > Massage Parlors

    • Business Website: If you do not have a website, you can use your business social media profile.

  • Enter the Business Representative information. Note: If you are the business owner, this will be your personal information.

  • Add the banking information where you would like the funds to be deposited. Note: You can use a Bank Account or a Debit card.

  • Review your details and select Submit.

  • After submitting, you will receive an email from Stripe to confirm your email.

The verification process typically takes a few minutes. If you have any issues with the application process, please reach out to our Customer Success team.

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