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Advanced Settings: Payments & Checkout

To adjust payment and checkout settings, go to Settings > Payments & Checkout > Advanced Settings.

Custom Payment Methods

Add custom payment buttons to the checkout to track additional payment types like Venmo or PayPal in your reports. Separate each payment type with a comma.

Tip Buttons

Customize the tip buttons that appear on the Payments screen during checkout. Separate each tip amount with a comma.

NoteThe tip percentage is based on services only (not products). For example, for a checkout with a $100 haircut and a $25 shampoo, if the client selects 20%, the tip would be $20.

Tip Options

When enabled, clients will be asked for a tip during Self Checkout and when checking out at a Front Desk Display.

If tips are enabled for product-only sales, customers will need to enter a custom tip amount rather than select a tip percentage.

Signature Options

When enabled, clients will be asked for a signature when checking out at a Front Desk Display. This setting is recommended as it can help you fight disputes.

Client Self Checkout

Enable this toggle to allow clients to complete payments on their mobile devices. Clients will be sent a text message with a link to complete the payment, add a tip, and view their receipt. Learn more about Client Self Checkout.

Check Payments

Enable this toggle to add a Check payment button to the checkout to accept checks as a form of payment.

Change Calculator for Cash Payments

Enable this toggle to show a change calculator when taking cash payments.

Require Staff Assignments

When enabled, a staff member must be assigned to the specified line items in order to complete a checkout. This setting is helpful if staff member compensation is commission-based or if you need to track which sales are completed by each staff member.

Receipt Settings

Specify whether service providers should be displayed on the receipt, and add custom text that will be displayed at the bottom of the receipt.

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