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Updating Your Mangomint Subscription

On your Subscription page, you can:

To access your Subscription page, you must be the billing user for your account. The billing user is usually the account owner or the person who pays for the subscription.

There is only one billing user per account. Please contact chat support if you need help determining the billing user for your account.

Updating your add-ons

To update your add-ons, select Subscription from your profile menu.

Select Add or Remove next to the add-on to add or remove from your subscription and save your changes.

For Payroll Processing customers, you can select Change next to the Payroll Processing add-on to change the number of workers on your payroll.

Updating your subscription payment method

To update the credit card you use to pay for your Mangomint subscription, select Subscription from your profile menu.

Select Update credit card. Enter your updated credit card information and save your changes.

Managing your marketing credits

Marketing credits can be used to send marketing emails to your clients.

Select Subscription from your profile menu to view your current balance of marketing credits, buy additional marketing credits, and manage your auto-refill settings.

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