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Using a Barcode Scanner to Scan Products During Checkout

You can use a barcode scanner to scan products during checkout. Mangomint supports any Bluetooth or USB barcode scanner as long as it is compatible with your device. Before purchasing a barcode scanner, make sure it is compatible with your device.

Connecting a barcode scanner

Connect the barcode scanner to your device by following the barcode scanner's setup instructions. You will connect the barcode scanner through your device's settings, not through your Mangomint settings.

Assigning barcodes to your products

Before you can scan products during checkout, you will need to assign a barcode to each product.

To assign a barcode to a product, go to the Products screen and select the product. Select the pencil icon.

Place your cursor in the Barcode field and scan the product's barcode using your barcode scanner. The product's barcode is automatically populated. Select Save Changes.

Scanning products during checkout

Once you've assigned barcodes to your products, you can use your barcode scanner to scan products during checkout.

During checkout, select Add Product.

Scan the product's barcode and select the product to add to the checkout.

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