How to Set Up and use a Barcode Scanner

In this article, you will learn what barcode scanners Mangomint supports as well as how to use one with the system.

The system supports any USB or BlueTooth bar code scanner as long as it is compatible with your device(s).

Make sure to check the specifications of the barcode scanner before making a purchase.

How to connect your barcode reader

Follow the steps provided by the barcode scanners set up instructions to connect the scanner to your preferred device.

Note: You will connect the scanner in your device's settings, not through the settings in Mangomint.

How to add barcodes to your products

Before you can scan your products at check out, you will need to make sure that your products have an assigned barcode.

To do this, go to the Products page.

Select a product and then the pencil icon in the top right corner:

Scroll down until you see the Barcode field. Place your cursor in the barcode field and then scan the product's barcode:

How to scan products into a checkout

Once your product's barcodes are added, you can now use the scanner to add them to a new sale or check out.

First, select "+ Product" at checkout:

Next, scan the product's barcode and select the product to be added to the checkout:

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