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Advanced Settings: Business Setup

To adjust advanced business settings, including client ownership settings, go to Settings > Business Setup > Advanced Settings.

Enable client ownership

You can use the client ownership settings if your business has booth renters and you'd like to keep client lists separate.

When client ownership is enabled, a staff member can be assigned as the “owner” of a client. This allows staff members to only have access to their own clients. All other staff members’ clients will be hidden.

  • When the client ownership setting is first enabled, all existing clients will remain as is (no owner will be assigned).

  • If a staff member owns a client, that client can still book with another staff member. Duplicate client records can be created to allow assigning a different owner to each client record.

Learn more about assigning owners to clients via the client details.

Online booking ownership assignment

When enabled, the selected service provider will be assigned as the owner of new clients who book through online booking. This only applies to newly created clients.

Work schedule overlap

For staff members who work at more than one location, allow their work schedules to overlap across multiple locations.

Custom Email Address

Set up a custom email address for email marketing campaigns. You will need to connect your domain with Mangomint using custom DNS records.

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