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How do I handle product exchanges?

Processing product exchanges in Mangomint updates your inventory and ensures your reports include the correct information.

To complete a product exchange, go to the Sales screen and select New Checkout.

Select the client, if needed.

Add the product that needs to be exchanged. Update the quantity to a negative quantity to represent how many products are being exchanged.

If you pay your staff members product commission, select the staff member who originally sold the product. This will deduct the product commission for the appropriate staff member.

Select Add Product and add the new product.

Select Go To Payments. Product sales tax will be automatically calculated by the system.

If there is a balance due, complete the checkout as you normally would.

If there is a negative balance due, you will need to refund the difference.

  • For credit card refunds, select Other. Enter any additional notes and close the sale. Once the sale is closed, refund the payment to the client.

  • For cash refunds, select Cash and close the sale. If the Cash Drawer app is enabled, your cash drawer total will be updated.

The exchanged product is added back to your inventory count. If the product should not be added back to your inventory (e.g. damaged products), you will need to manually update your inventory count to remove the exchanged product.

When the product exchange is complete, your reports will be updated.

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