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Managing Staff Member Work Hours

To manage staff member work hours, you must be an Admin user, or you must have the following permissions enabled in Staff Member settings:

  • Can change own work schedule: This permission allows a staff member to manage their own work hours.

  • Can manage staff members: This permission allows a staff member to manage both their own work hours and other staff members' work hours.

Managing work hours

Depending on your permissions, you can manage work hours from the following locations:

  • Select the Day view on the calendar. Select the staff member and select Edit Schedule.

  • Go to Settings > Staff Members and select the staff member. Select the Work Hours tab.

  • To manage your work hours, select User Profile from your profile menu. Select the Work Schedule tab.

  • To manage your work hours in the mobile app, open the menu and select Profile Settings. Tap Work Schedule.

Use the pencil icons to manage work hours. You can add a day off by selecting This day only and enabling the Not working toggle.

Select Save to update the staff member's schedule.

Learn more about setting up alternating hours every other week (biweekly schedules).

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