Shopify Integration

Shopify is one of the top platforms for building and managing an online store and allows you to sell and ship products with ease.

Our integration lets you sync inventory seamlessly across your products in Mangomint and your online store.

Please Note

  • Products will need to be created in both systems

  • Not all products that are in Mangomint need to be in Shopify and vice-versa

  • Products will be matched using the SKU, so the SKUs needs to be added on both systems

  • Shopify orders WILL NOT be added as sales in Mangomint

  • Mangomint is the main system, i.e. the inventory level from Mangomint will be synced to Shopify

  • A manual inventory change in Shopify DOES NOT get synced to Mangomint

  • However, when a Shopify order comes in, the inventory will be reduced in Mangomint too and an inventory change with the Shopify order # as a reference will be added

Before your integration can be set up you will need to make sure that the SKUs in Mangomint and Shopify match.

Adding SKUs to Mangomint

To add SKUs to your products in Mangomint, first, go to the Products Page and select a product:

Scroll down to the SKU field, add the SKU, and select save changes:

Adding SKUs to Shopify

Select the product you need to add an SKU to:

Scroll down to the SKU field to add, add the identical SKU, and select save:

Once identical SKUs are entered in both Mangomint and Shopify please reach out to your Customer Success specialist or in Chat Support to complete the integration.

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