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FAQ: Integrated Forms

What happens if I disable a form template?

When you disable a form template, any existing appointments for which the form has already been requested will not be changed. Consider manually removing the form from these appointments.

If you need to remove a form request from an appointment, locate the form in the appointment details and select Remove.

What happens if I update a form template that is currently enabled?

If you update a form template that is currently enabled, any form requests will be updated automatically. Form submissions will not be affected.

If the appointment services are changed, are the forms updated accordingly?

If the appointment services are changed, forms are not automatically updated or removed from the appointment. You will need to manually remove any forms that are no longer needed and add the correct forms.

Can I add the appointment details to a client or staff member form?

You can add the Appointment Details field to client and staff member form templates to include the appointment date, time, services, and service providers on the form. Once the form is submitted, the appointment details on the form submission will not be affected if the appointment is changed or rescheduled.

Can I receive an internal notification every time a form is submitted?

You can have an internal automated message sent to specific email addresses when a client, staff member, or external form is submitted. You can also specify an email address that should only receive an internal automated message for external form submissions.

To set up the internal automated message, go to Settings > Automated Messages > Form Submitted.

How do I print a form?

When viewing a form submission, you can print the completed form by typing Cmd + P or Ctrl + P.

How do I duplicate a form template?

When viewing a form template, you can duplicate it by selecting Duplicate from the "..." menu.

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