FAQ: Integrated Forms

How are clients and staff members notified if they need to complete a form?

When you are finished creating your form template, you can enable it. Once enabled, forms are sent to the client and added to the appointment details.

Once a client form template is enabled, the form will be included in automated messages, and a button to submit the form will be displayed when a client books online or through Express Booking™. After a client has submitted a form, it will not be included in subsequent automated messages.

Note: While forms are automatically included in emails, they are not included in text messages by default. You can change this by going to Settings > Automated Messages and enabling the Include form requests toggle for each individual text message.

Once a staff member form template is enabled, the form will be located in the appointment details for the staff member to complete. Depending on the staff member's permissions, it will also be available to complete in the mobile app.

What happens when I disable a form template?

When you disable a form template, any existing appointments for which the form has already been requested will not be changed. Consider removing the forms manually from these appointments.

If you need to remove a form request from an appointment, locate the form in the appointment details and select Remove.

What happens when I update a form template that is currently enabled?

Updating an enabled form template automatically updates form requests that have already been sent to clients, but it does not affect form submissions that have already been received.

If a client changes the services of their appointment, are the forms updated accordingly?

If a client changes the services of their appointment, forms are not automatically updated or removed from the appointment. You will need to manually remove forms that are no longer needed and add the correct forms.

To remove a form request from an appointment, locate the form in the appointment details and select Remove.

Can I add the appointment details to a client or staff member form?

Yes, you can add the Appointment Details field to client and staff member form templates to include the appointment date, time, services, and service providers on the form when it's sent to clients and staff members. Once the form is submitted, the appointment details on the form submission will not be affected if the appointment is changed or rescheduled.

Can I receive an internal notification every time a form is submitted?

Yes, you can have an automated message sent to specific internal email addresses every time a client, staff member, or external form is submitted. You can also specify which email address should only receive automated messages for external form submissions.

Set up the internal automated message by going to Settings > Automated Messages > Form Submitted. The email address(es) entered for External forms will be notified when an external form is submitted.

How do I print a form?

When viewing a form submission, you can print the completed form by typing Cmd + P or Ctrl + P.

Can I specify which staff members are allowed to use the Integrated Forms feature?

In Settings > Staff Members, use the Permissions tab to specify if the staff member can view form submissions, view a list of all form submissions (view the Form Submissions screen), and manage form templates.

How can I enable the Integrated Forms feature?

Enable the Integrated Forms feature by going to Settings > Business Setup > Feature Manager > Integrated Forms.

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