Creating Waivers in WaiverForever

This article explains how to create waivers in WaiverForever.

To learn how more about our WaiverForever integration, go to: WaiverForever Integration

Creating the Waiver

  • In WaiverForever, go to the Waiver Templates screen.

  • Use the Add New Template button.

  • Select Create a Blank template. Note: If you have an existing form, upload it in PDF format.

  • Use the pencil icon to update the Waiver form title as well as the text.

  • Make sure to add the following required fields. Make sure the "This is an optional field" box is unchecked.

    • Name

    • Email address and/or phone number - When clients complete the waiver, it’s important that they use the email address or phone number that’s on file within Mangomint to successfully sync.

    • Signature

  • Once done, select the Save and Publish button.

Enabling Auto-accept on waivers

You will need to auto-accept waivers to automatically sync to client profiles in Mangomint for clients that have email addresses or phone numbers that match on file.

  • On the Waiver Templates screen, select the waiver you just created.

  • Select Template Settings.

  • Select Automation.

  • Enable Auto processing for pending waivers and select to Automatically approve it.

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