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Advanced Settings: Automated Messages

To adjust automated message settings such as showing staff member names in notifications, go to Settings > Automated Messages > Advanced Settings.

Always Show Staff Name in Notifications

When an appointment is booked without requesting a specific staff member, the staff member's name will not be included in any automated messages to the client such as booking confirmations or reminders.

Enable this toggle if the staff member's name should always be included in automated messages.

Auto-Close Inactive Conversations

Specify the number of days after which to automatically close a conversation that has had no activity (e.g. a reply or a note). Conversations that are inactive for 3 days (default) will be closed automatically.

Text Message Auto-Response

When you start using the Two-Way Texting add-on, this setting is disabled. Re-enable this toggle to automatically respond to incoming text messages. You can customize your automatic response as needed.

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