How to Merge Duplicate Clients

To combine duplicate client profiles, first go to your "Clients" page. Search for the client profile that you want to keep and click on it.

  • Click on the "..." menu and select "Merge"

  • In the dialog, search for the client that you want to merge from and click "Next"

  • You will be asked to confirm your selection before merging the clients

  • The client to merge from will be archived and this action can't be undone.

The following information will be merged:

  • Appointments

  • Sales

  • Timeline notes

  • Gift cards

  • Client notes (will be combined with any existing client notes)

The following information will not be merged:

  • Saved cards on file

Please note:
Any information that doesn't exist on the "client to merge into" will be copied over from the "client to merge from", but we won't override anything.

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