Add a New Client

To create a new client from the "Clients" screen:

  • Click the “Add Client” button in the upper left hand corner

  • Enter the first name, last name, email, and phone number

  • Select the staff member that “owns” the client to assign the client to a specific person, or select “none” to keep the client unassigned.

Please note:
This setting is important if you want to set up certain permissions for staff members to only be able to view the clients that belong to them but not other staff members’ clients.

Enter additional information about the client under Social Media, Additional Details, Address, Appointment Notifications, and Online Booking. For a more detailed look at the type of information that can be saved for a client and to learn how to adjust settings, track gift cards, view cards on file and packages see: Client Details

Create a New Client while Booking Appointment 

To create a new client from the "Calendar" screen while booking an appointment:

  • Click anywhere on the calendar to open the "New Appointment" panel

  • Type the name of the new client and select "Add Client" OR click the "+" button on the right side of the name entry form to input the client information

  • Enter contact information if required

  • Click "Create"

At this point you've created a new client and has been added to your client list. After you click "Create" the client is saved even if the appointment isn't saved or completed.

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