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Adding and Deleting Clients

You can add new clients from the Clients screen or when creating an appointment.

Adding new clients from the Clients screen

To create a new client from the Clients screen, select Add Client. Enter the client's first name, last name, email, and phone number.

If client ownership is enabled, you can select the staff member who "owns” the client from the Owner dropdown.

Learn more about the additional details you can add for each client.

Adding new clients when creating an appointment

To create a new client from the calendar when creating an appointment, enter the client's name and select Add Client.

Once you enter the client's information and select Create, the client is added to your client list even if the appointment isn't created.

Deleting clients

ImportantDeleting a client cannot be undone.

To delete a client, go to the Clients screen and select the client.

Select Delete from the "..." menu.

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