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Reversing a Payment

Reversing (voiding) a payment helps ensure your reports and sales include accurate information.

  • Reversing a payment will not automatically return the funds to the client. To return the funds to the client, you will need to complete a refund after reversing the payment.

  • Reversing a gift card payment will automatically return the funds to the gift card.

Instead of reversing a single payment, learn how you can void an entire sale.

Reversing a payment

To reverse a payment, select Reverse from the "..." menu next to the payment. The Reverse option is not available for credit card payments. Instead, credit card payments can be refunded.

A reversal payment will be added to the sale directly below the reversed payment.

For example, if you reverse a $50 cash payment, a -$50 reversal payment will be added directly below the cash payment. This ensures that both the original cash payment ($50) and the reversal payment (-$50) will appear in your reports. The original cash payment will appear in your reports on the original payment date, and the reversal payment will appear in your reports on the date the reversal payment was added.

Reversed cash payments immediately affect the expected balance of the cash drawer. For example, if a $50 cash payment is reversed, $50 will be immediately deducted from the cash drawer balance.

You cannot remove a reversal payment once it is added to a sale. Instead, you can simply collect a new payment.

After reversing a payment, remember to refund the client separately, if needed.

What does the Closed (Remaining Balance) status mean?

You can reverse a payment on a closed sale without having to reopen the sale.

When you reverse a payment on a closed sale, the status of the sale is updated to Closed (Remaining Balance). This means the sale is still closed, but there is now a remaining balance on the sale because a payment was reversed. You can either leave the sale as Closed (Remaining Balance) or reopen the sale to collect payment for the remaining balance.

Sales with a Closed (Remaining Balance) status will still be included in sales reports and the Payroll report.

You can use the Options menu to filter the Sales screen and only view sales with a Closed (Remaining Balance) status, if needed.

How does reversing a payment affect reports?

The following reports are affected when a payment is reversed:

  • Payment Summary and Payment Details: These reports include reversal payments.

  • Cash Drawer Activity: This report includes reversed cash payments.

  • Gift Card Usage: This report includes reversed gift card payments.

  • Gift Card Balances: This report includes updated gift card balances when gift card payments are reversed. If a gift card payment is reversed, the funds are automatically returned to the gift card.

Learn more about the available reports on the Reports screen.

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