Client Self Check-In

Our client self check-in feature lets you streamline the steps for checking in clients for their appointment. 

This is ideal for salons and spas with busy waiting rooms, changing capacity limits and social distancing protocols, or reduced front desk staff available to check-in clients.

Clients will be sent a notification 15 mins before their appointment. You can instruct them to check-in via a link with the option to ask them to 'wait outside'.

Once the staff member is ready for them, you can notify them to come inside and start their appointment.

How to Enable Client Self Check-in:

To enable client checking, add these message types in Settings > Automated Messages and select the Client Self Check-in tab.

From this page add the message types you would like to send during the check-in process:

Additional message types include sending a message to the client when a staff member is ready for the client:

Staff members can also receive a notification when a client is checked in for service by another staff member (typically the front desk staff):

Please note:
Both SMS and emails will always be sent 15 minutes before a client's appointment regardless of which settings you have otherwise turned on for notifications.

Check-In Process

  • Once your client arrives for their appointment, they can check-in using the link they received to notify you of their arrival.

  • When the client presses the check-in button, the status of their appointment will change to "Waiting" (purple). The staff member assigned to this client will receive an SMS message letting them know that their client is waiting.

Calendar View:

Client View:

  • When you are ready for the client to come in, select the appointment on the calendar and use the Notify button.

  • The client will receive a notification letting them know that they can come in.

Once they come in, use the In Service button. Note: If you need to send another notification, use the Send Again button.

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