How to Manage Gift Cards

This article explains how to add, edit, delete, and search for gift cards.

Add a New Gift Card

If you sold a gift card in-person or online via any platform, you will need to add them manually.

Note: Adding a gift card this way assumes you have already received the payment for the gift card. If you are selling a gift card, follow the steps here: How to Sell a Gift Card

  • On the Gift Cards screen, select Add Gift Card.

Note: Depending on your settings, this screen might be under the More menu.

  • Enter or scan the gift card number.

  • Enter the other details:

    • Gift Card Balance

    • Optional: Owner Client (client receiving the gift card)

    • Optional: Any relevant notes related to the sale

  • Select Create Gift Card.

Edit Gift Card details

  • On the Gift Cards screen, select the Gift Card you would like to edit and tap on the Pencil Icon.

  • Edit the necessary details and tap on Save Changes.

Delete a Gift Card

  • On the Gift Cards screen, select the Gift Card to delete and tap on the "..." on the top right corner.

  • Tap on Delete.

Note: Only gift cards with a zero balance can be deleted.

Search for Gift Cards

There are two ways to look up gift cards:

Gift Card Screen

On the the Gift Card screen, you can see all your gift card sales. This is also where you can edit and manage gift cards. You can also search for gift cards by typing in the gift card number on the search bar.

Client Profile

Gift cards can also be found on the Client Details page, on the Credit / Gift Cards screen.

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