Client Timeline

The client timeline lives within a client’s profile (detail page) and is updated automatically when a client has an appointment or makes a purchase. The client timeline tracks all appointments (upcoming or past) and any sales associated with the client. The timeline also allows staff members to add notes, also called “Timeline Entries” which are separate from the “global” client notes in a client’s profile. These timeline entries are commonly used to save color formulas, track progress, and upload images.

To Add a Timeline Entry:

  • Use the current date or select a different date

  • Type the note within the text box

  • Click the “Upload File” button to add images

  • Click “Add”

  • The timeline entry will then appear on the timeline

To Edit a Timeline Entry:

  • Use the “...” menu and select “Edit”

  • When finished editing, click “Done”

To Print a Timeline Entry:

  • Use the “...” menu and select “Print”

  • A print dialog box will appear with a preview of the page

  • Select the printer and click “Print”

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