Manage Packages & Adjust Package Quantities

Learn how to manually add a package to a client's account and how to adjust quantities or delete packages.

Packages for a client can be managed by selecting Packages from the top menu.

Note: For non-admin accounts, permissions to view and manage packages must be turned on in the staff member settings in order for the staff member to view the Packages screen. Also be aware that the link to view the Packages page be collapsed under the More button in the main top menu.

Add a package for a client

If you sold a package in-person or online via any platformyou will need to add them manually.

Note: Adding a package this way assumes you have already received the payment for it. If you are selling a package, follow the steps here: How to Sell a Package

  • On the Package screen, select Add Package.

  • Search and select a client and the package you would like to add.

  • Select Create Package.

Delete a package

  • In the list of packages for clients select the package that you want to delete

  • Open the "..." menu and select Delete

  • Confirm that you want to delete this package (deleting a package cannot be undone)

Manually adjust the remaining quantities in a package

  • In the list of packages for clients select the package that you want to adjust

  • In the "..." menu, select Adjust Quantities

  • Type in the new quantity and Save

Note that you can also view a client's package details in their client details under the Packages tab.

To learn more about Packages check out the following articles:

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