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Set Up Products for Purchase Orders

Before you can add a product to a purchase order (PO), you must assign a supplier and a desired quantity on hand to the product. Adding a desired quantity on hand to products can automatically set the order quantity on your purchase orders.

Setting up products for purchase orders

To set up products for purchase orders, go to the Products screen and select the product. If you need to create a product, follow these steps.

Select the pencil icon to edit the product.

Select a supplier for the product. Learn how to add and manage suppliers.

Enter the Desired quantity on hand. This is the ideal quantity to have on hand for this product. When the product's stock level is below this quantity and the product is added to a PO, the order quantity is automatically calculated based on the desired quantity. For example, if you have 3 products currently in stock and your desired quantity on hand is 24, the system will automatically add 21 products to the purchase order.

Select Save Changes to update the product.

Learn how to create purchase orders.

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