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Can I automatically add a surcharge or fee to every checkout?

You can automatically add a surcharge/fee to every checkout using a product. Before creating the product, create a product category such as Fees. This helps keep your product list organized.

Creating a product to use as a fee

To create a product to use as a fee, go to the Products screen and select Add Product.

Enter a name for the product, such as Sanitation Fee. Select the product category.

Enter the fee amount in the Unit price field. Leave the SKU and Barcode fields empty.

We recommend disabling the following toggles:

  • Charge tax (unless you need to charge tax on the fee amount)

  • Track inventory

  • Calculate commission for sales (unless you need to pay commission on the fee amount)

  • Assign staff to sale

Enable the following toggles:

  • Consider as sales revenue in reports

  • Automatically add to all new sales

Select Create Product. The fee will now be automatically added to every new checkout created from the Sales screen or from an appointment. The fee can be manually removed from any sale as needed.

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