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Creating Form Templates

In Mangomint, forms are built using form templates. You can customize a form template by specifying when it should be used and by adding form fields like toggles, digital signatures, and more.

To enable Integrated Forms, go to Settings > App Manager > Integrated Forms.

To create and modify form templates, you must be an Admin user, or you must have the Can manage form templates permission enabled in Staff Member settings.

Creating form templates

To create a form template, go to Settings > Form Templates.

Build and customize your form template using the Details, Form Fields, and Preview tabs. You can also use the Advanced tab to add a custom confirmation message for submitted client and external forms.

Details tab

Use the Details tab to specify who should fill out the form, how often the form needs to be filled out, and which appointments the form applies to.

Who fills out this form?

  • Clients who book an appointment: Select this option for client forms such as waivers or intake forms. Client forms will be included in automated messages, and a button to submit the forms will be displayed when a client books online or through Express Booking™.

  • Staff members: Select this option for internal forms that the staff member should fill out such as internal treatment notes. Staff member forms will be located in the appointment details for the staff member to complete.

  • Anyone (external form): Select this option for external forms that can be shared publicly such as a form on your website for requesting appointments. When you select this option, a link to the form is displayed. Anyone with this link can submit the form.

How often does it need to be filled out?

  • Every time they book an appointment: For client forms, select this option to have the client submit the form every time they book. This is useful for collecting information such as recent changes to allergies or medications.

  • For every appointment: For staff member forms, select this option if the form needs to be submitted for every client appointment.

  • Only once for each client: Select this option if the form only needs to be submitted once for each client.

Which appointments is it for?

In this section, you can specify if the form should be submitted for all appointments or only for appointments that contain specific service categories or services. For example, if you’re creating a client facial intake form, you would select Only for appointments with specific services, and then add either the entire facials category or select specific facial services.

Form Fields tab

Use the Form Fields tab to customize your form template using the available form fields.

If you add the First/Last Name field to the form template, it will be pre-filled when the form is sent to the client. If the client updates their first/last name on the form, their client profile is also updated.

The First/Last Name field also has an Ask for pronouns toggle that you can enable to ask the client for their pronouns. If the client adds their pronouns to the form, their client profile is also updated.

If you add the Email, Phone Number, or Birthday fields to the form template, you can choose to pre-fill the fields when the form is sent to the client by enabling the Connect to client’s email/phone number/birthday toggle. If the toggle is enabled and the client updates the field on the form, their client profile is also updated.

Preview tab

Use the Preview tab to see what the form will look like when it’s enabled.

Advanced tab

Use the Advanced tab to add a custom confirmation message for submitted client and external forms.

Once you've finished creating your form template, you can enable it and send the form to clients and staff members, or manually add the form to an existing appointment.

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