How to Take Payments with the Card Reader (Direct Connection)

In this article, you will learn how to take payments using the Mangomint Pay card reader and your iPhone or iPad.

To learn more on how to set up the direct connection between your card reader and iPhone or iPad, go to: How to Connect your Card Reader Directly to your iPhone or iPad

  • On the Mangomint app, start a checkout as you normally would.

  • On the Payments screen, select the Card Reader button to trigger the payment.

  • Have the client insert, swipe, or tap their credit card using the card reader.

  • Once authorized, the card reader will beep and the client can remove their credit card.

  • You can hand your iPhone/iPad to your client so they can complete the payment process.

  • After the payment is approved, the client will be asked to provide their signature.

  • Next, the client will choose how to receive their receipt.

  • Once done, the sale will be automatically marked as completed within Mangomint.

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