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Cancel a Client’s Membership

To cancel a client's membership, open the client's membership details and select Cancel from the "..." menu.

When a membership for a client is canceled, the client will receive an automated email message with the cancellation details. You can customize this automated message by going to Settings > Automated Messages > Memberships.

Upon cancellation, any remaining paid services that have not yet expired will still be available for the client to use. If the client requested a refund for the current billing cycle, you will need to manually adjust the quantities of their remaining services to remove the refunded items.

Cancellation date

  • Immediately: Select this option to cancel the client’s membership immediately. This is helpful if a client requests a refund and their membership benefits need to be removed immediately.

  • End of current period: Select this option for the membership to remain active until the end of the current period. This is helpful if the client doesn’t want to renew the membership, but the membership should remain active for the remainder of the current period.

  • On a custom date: Select this option to specify the date when the client's membership should be canceled automatically. This is helpful for minimum notice periods of 60 days, minimum contracts, etc.

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