Add Categories & Services

To add, edit and manage services go to:

Settings (Gear Icon) > Services

Create Service Categories

The first step to adding services is to create service categories. For example:

Category: Haircuts

Services: Women's Haircut, Men's Haircut

Please note:
The order in which the categories and services appear on this screen will be the same as on your online booking. To rearrange, simply drag and drop.

To add a category:

  • Use the Add Category button.

  • Enter the category name.

Advanced Settings

Generally, you’ll want to allow your services to be visible in your online booking menu, however in some cases it is useful to hide a category by limiting access to only those with a direct link to the category. This can be helpful in cases when a business has temporary service specials or just limiting online booking access to the general public.

To make a service category only accessible in online booking through a direct link, click Advanced Settings and enable the toggle “Only show in online booking with direct link.”

Create Services

After you create a category, you can now add services to it.

  • Use the Add Service button underneath the service category.

  • Fill out the details of the service.

Please note:
As a general rule, make sure that each service name can be understood independently as clients will only see this name on their notifications. For example: If you create a category for "Waxing", and use "Underarm" for the service name, your clients will receive a notification that says "You have been booked for Underarm". To avoid this confusion use a service name such as "Underarm Waxing".
  • Select a default duration and price of the service. This can later be customized for each individual staff members.

  • Enable the processing and buffer times if the services requires it. To learn more, go to: Processing, Finishing, and Buffer times

  • For services that require two staff members, select Additional Options and enable the toggle “Requires two staff members".

  • Enter any Pre and Post Commission deductions in dollar amount or percentages if applicable

  • Select Create to save the settings

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