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Creating Services

To create a service, you must first create the service category. For example:

Category: Haircuts

Services: Bang Trim, Kids Cut

To manage services, you must be an Admin user, or you must have the Can manage service settings permission enabled in Staff Member settings.

Creating service categories

Go to Settings > Services and select Add Category. Enter the category name and select Create.

Generally, you’ll want your services to be visible in online booking. However, you can hide a category by limiting access to only those with a direct link to the category. This can be helpful for businesses that have temporary service specials or businesses that need to limit online booking access.

To make a service category only accessible in online booking through a direct link, select the category and go to the Advanced tab. Select Edit. Enable the Only show in online booking with direct link toggle and select Save.

Creating services

After creating a service category, you can add services to it by selecting Add Service under the category.

Enter the service details and select Create.

  • Make sure that each Service name can be understood independently. Clients will only see the service name in their notifications. For example, if you create a category for Waxing and use Underarm as the service name, clients will receive notifications that say "You have been booked for Underarm." To avoid this confusion, use a service name such as Underarm Waxing.

  • Set the default Duration and Price for the service. The duration and price can later be customized for individual staff members. The price can also be adjusted per location.

  • If applicable, select processing, finishing, and buffer times for the service. The processing and finishing times can later be customized for individual staff members.

  • For services that only require resources and not a staff member, select Additional options and enable the Requires no staff members (only resources) toggle.

  • For services that require two staff members, select Additional options and enable the Requires two staff members toggle.

  • If applicable, enter any Pre and Post-commission deductions by selecting Additional options.

Learn more about setting up service customizations and enabling services for online booking.

Organizing your service list

The order in which service categories and services appear in online booking will be the same as your Service settings. To rearrange service categories or services in Service settings, simply drag and drop.

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