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Online Booking from the Client’s Perspective

With online booking, clients can book appointments online through your website or any other platform where your booking link is shared.

Clients do not need to log in or create an account to use online booking. This ensures an easy and convenient booking experience for your clients.

Clients also do not need to log in or create an account to access their client portal which can be used to manage upcoming appointments and memberships.

To learn more about online booking for your clients, watch our on-demand Online Booking For Your Clients webinar.

Online booking from the client’s perspective

The video below shows an example of a client booking an appointment through online booking. In this example, the online booking link was added to the business’s website.

In the video, the client:

In this example, the client was not required to enter their credit card information to book the service. However, you can require clients to enter their credit card information to book specific services. Having a card on file for a client is helpful if you need to enforce your cancellation policy and charge the client any no-show or cancellation fees.

After a successful booking, the client will receive an automated message with their appointment details. You can also set up an internal notification to be notified of new online bookings by going to Settings > Automated Messages > Appointment Booked.

Learn more about setting up online booking and adjusting online booking preferences. You can also use direct booking links for individual staff members, services, and service categories.

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