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Setting Up Digital Gift Cards

To enable gift cards in Mangomint, go to Settings > App Manager > Gift Cards.

To enable online sales for digital gift cards, go to Settings > Gift Cards > Online Sales. Once enabled, you can sell gift cards online through the provided link and directly on your website.

Selling gift cards directly on your website

To sell gift cards directly on your website, complete the following steps. If you already added online booking to your website, you can skip to step 3 below.

1. Copy your script tag from Settings > Gift Cards > Online Sales.

2. Include the script tag in the header section of the HTML for every page of your website.

3. Create a Gift Card button on your website.

4. Copy your gift card integration link and paste it as the click-through URL for the Gift Card button.

Selecting your gift card artwork

Go to Settings > Gift Cards > Artwork to select the gift card design that will display on the online sales page and be included in the email for the digital gift card. You can also upload your own gift card design.

Setting your gift card preferences

Go to Settings > Gift Cards > Preferences and specify whether the system should automatically generate a 6-digit gift card number when selling gift cards.

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