How to Set Up Digital Gift Cards

In this article, you will learn how to set up digital gift cards for online sales.

To get started, go to: Settings > Gift Cards and toggle the feature on:

Once enabled you will have the ability to sell gift cards online through a sharing link or directly on your website.

Sell Gift Cards Directly on Your Website

If you would like clients to purchase gift cards directly from your website you will need to first embed the provided code into the header section of your website:


  1. Copy your script tag from Settings > Gift Cards

  2. Include it in the "head section" of the HTML on every page of your website.

  3. Create a "Gift Cards" button on your website.

  4. Copy the link for embedding gift cards on your website as shown on your settings and paste this as the click-through URL for the button you just created.

Note: Customers who already have online booking embedded on their site, will just need to add the link listed in Step 2 to the gift card buttons or links on their website.

Choose your artwork

Select a design that is shown on the online sales page and included in the email message for the digital gift card, or upload your own file (800px x 500px):

Set your Preferences

Enable this toggle if you would like the system to automatically generate a random number when selling gift cards.

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