Product Returns

This article explains how you can process a product return in Mangomint and refunding through a credit card or cash. If you would like to refund to a gift card, go to: How do I do a product return and refund to a gift card?

Note: This does not actually refund the payment. If you need to refund the payment also, please be sure to do that also.

The reason why you would want to process a product return in Mangomint is so that inventory is updated and your sales and other reports have the correct information that matches your actual payments.

How to process product returns

  • On the Sales Screen, use the New Checkout button to start the return.

  • Select the Client, and add the product to be returned.

  • Update the quantity to a negative quantity representing how many products are being returned.

  • If you pay your staff members product sales commission, select the staff member who originally sold this item. This is to deduct the returned product commission for the appropriate staff member.

  • Tap on Go to Payments.

For refunding with Mangomint Pay please follow the steps in: Refunding Payments in Mangomint Pay

Use the Other button and enter any additional notes into the system to close the sale.

For cash refunds, use the Cash button to close the sale. If the Cash Drawer app is enabled, this will also update your cash drawer total.


Once completed, this will add the returned product back to the inventory count.

Note: If the product is not actually going back to inventory (e.g. damaged product), you will need to manually update the count. To learn how, go to: Track Inventory & Add Inventory Change


Once completed, the Product Sales Reports will be updated.

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